Digital Citizen

   The Digital Citizen site embodies the true philosophy of the Internet: a global village of information, contacts,   networks, and services free of boundaries and corporate sponsorship. It is dedicated to provide each citizen the opportunity to communicate easily and effortlessly with others, be it around the globe, the country, the region, the city, or around the neighborhood.

In essence, the Digital Citizen property is a guide to the world through the eyes of the Internet offering direct access to government and charity-based content, served up in a logical and friendly manner- all without the hindrance of advertising.

Digital Consumer

Through Digital Consumer, all of the products and services the wired world has to offer are only a short few mouse clicks away. The thrust of this effort is to aggregate web content for consumers, providing virtually all the services and information the web has to offer.  From the Digital Consumer site, users can check the weather, read local and global news, shop online, bank, explore the digital world.  Digital Consumer is a full-featured portal site combining dynamic web content with information, services and NMBC’s broadcast programming.


From an advertisers point-of-view, Digital Citizen presents a single focal point for marketing and PR efforts by tying together print, mass-mailing, on-air and on-line promotions.  The simple fact is that there are literally hundreds of sites competing for advertising dollars. Understanding how to effectively spend advertising dollars in a constantly changing medium is a difficult task at best.  By offering Internet consumers a “one-stop-shop” for Internet content, products, and services and by tracking user demographics, NMBC can effectively offer advertisers a solution to the daunting task of marketing to a new and uncertain medium.


The Digital Consumer

A user-friendly starting point for all web-based products and services

A focal point for accurately and effectively marketing to a wired world

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The Digital Citizen Project

Rules of conduct of a citizen journalist.

Don't Provoke and Don't Be Provoked.
Have no opinion or agenda.
Listen, write, record
 Mandate: to gather information.
To see ourselves as others see us.

 Press Credentials from DigitalCitizen.com empowers you to : 

Effect Change in your community. 

Report on human rights; build community and change lives for the better. 

Engage in Interviews,  conduct surveys, correct misunderstandings, right wrongs. 
Learn to write about issues.

Be part of the  only media focused entirely on solutions.

 Earn and learn from a network of expert media professionals 
all working together to share knowledge and add value.

Rights of a Digital Citizen

 The right to secure access to the Internet.

 The right to protect their identity, assets and original content.

 The right to socialize, share and connect with others.

 The right to buy and sell safely.

 The right to mail, blog and tweet freely.

 The right to vote for and against issues and injustices.

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