Declaration of a Digital Citizen

 “In a democracy, the most important office is the office of the citizen.”  - Justice Louis Brandeis

Digital Citizen Institute of Higher Learning and Earning DCIHLE – The Digital Citizen Bank TDCB

Learn to learn, Learn to earn…Value in return for effort.

I.I.H.L.E is a learning Institute of Higher Learning and Earning online specialising in three specific areas in a unique combination:

IDENTITY                                              LEADERSHIP                                                    ENTREPRENEURSHIP

The Method:

A Crystallization of ideas through collaboration of effort by unique individuals, using a mix of Digital Citizen Identity, S.T.A.R. tactical and strategic thinking methods and Digital Citizenship.

The Location:
The World Wide Web - The leading identity building, learning environment and entrepreneurial location in the world.

Learn to learn, Learn to earn. Value in return for effort.

Everyone speaks of continuity and everyone agrees that continuity is the key to the survival of the citizen.
The question is: How do you achieve continuity?

Every Digital Citizen is a Leader
Every Digital Citizen needs to strengthen, own and protect their Identity.

To be a leader is to be committed to building a sustainable and safe world. To be a leader is to be involved in the community – wherever you are. To be a leader is to have the knowledge and ability to positively present oneself as a citizen and to positively represent our views to others.

Digital Citizen Identity
Digital Citizen identity is built on a multifaceted foundation of knowledge of history, a keen understanding of citizenship and sources both ancient and modern, and a deep commitment and involvement in Digital Citizen living, heritage and culture. The Digital Citizen identity is rooted on the Internet.

To meet the challenges of living as a Digital Citizen in the 21st century – on university campuses, in the workplace, at home, in the community and online - we need to transform every Citizen into a Digital Citizen leader, strengthen their Digital Citizen identity and give them the tools to develop and grow as Digital Citizen throughout their lives.

This is our goal.
Together with our Digital Citizens: We will inspire. We will educate. We will communicate. We will transform. We will create. And we will grow as Digital Citizens and as people.

Products: Education and fun, 1000 Day Plan, Online Programs, Workshops, Seminars, Speakers and Internet T.V production.


Every citizen shall have the right to be a digital citizen.

Shall have the rights to:

Health, happiness and access to infinite intelligence and knowledge

Internet access

24 hour security

ID Theft protection


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Feb 4, 2022, 10:18 AM